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Rechargeable Electric Gravity activated Pepper / Salt / Spice Grinder with LED Light, Adjustable Coarseness, Rechargeable, One Hand use Stainless Steel, Protected Port, & Magnetic Universal USB cable by Aggels

✅【RECHARGEABLE W/ MAGNETIC CABLE ATTACHMENT】: Stocked with a long lasting 1200mah battery, you enjoy 180 uses of the grinder before requiring a recharge. Use any usb port to recharge the...
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2-in-1 Grip Flip Tongs - Versatile Egg and French Toast Kitchen Accessories

Upgrade your kitchen toolkit with our 2-in-1 Grip Flip Tongs. These versatile tongs are designed to handle a variety of tasks, from flipping eggs and French toast to gripping pancakes...
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2 in 1 Mini Portable USB Rechargeable and Battery Powered Heat Sealers With Cutter Knife

Keep your food fresh and organized with this Eco-Friendly Folding Stocked PVC Plastic Bag Sealer. This versatile sealer is a smart gadget for your kitchen that makes food packaging and...
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Electric Grinder Cross-border Gravity Sensing Mini Smart Salt Pepper Grinder

You can use an electric pepper grinder powered by batteries with with one hand, freeing up the other for stirring. To begin grinding, simply depress the grinder's button; to stop...
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Portable Electric Pepper, Grain ,spice Grinder and Oil Spray Cooking Accessories

The food-safe, long-lasting, difficult to deform or rust, and sturdy food grade stainless steel used to make the electric pepper grinder. Battery power makes the automatic stainless steel mill easier...
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Battery Operated Household Electric Wheat Straw Salt and Pepper Grinder

Even if your hands are wet, they won't slip because to the ecologically friendly and colorful body made of wheat straw. You can view the leftover spices in the spice...
( $41.99  40% Off)
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Automatic Electrical Plastic Ceramic Black Pepper Burr Grinding kitchenware

Adjustable coarseness: You may easily change the spices' coarseness from fine to coarse. a practical design It may easily be moved about because to its cordless, battery-operated construction. Comes with...
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Stainless Steel Electrical Round Head Tall Shaker Salt and Pepper Grinder kitchenware

These salt and pepper shakers have a contemporary style and are chic and beautiful enough to be used from the kitchen to the table. Convenient and Multi-Functional: Unlike other spice...
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Automatic Rechargeable Kitchen Coarse And Fine Pepper and salt Grinder Mill Seasoning Bottle

The electric pepper mill has a built-in 500mAh lithium battery that can be recharged, so no additional batteries are required. Type-C cables may be used for quick charging. Only one...
( $40.99  40% Off)