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Folding drone remote control Aerial Drone Remote Control Aircraft Gesture Sensing

Using a special plastic body, strong toughness and strong anti-fall ability. The combination of 6-axis gyroscope and 4 motors makes the aircraft more powerful, more flexible, stable, and fast in flight,...
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Aerial drone 4K Ultra-Clear Optical Flow Dual Camera, Quadcopter

Features are optical flow positioning, high-definition shooting, long battery life, headless mode, one-button take-off / landing, APP control, trajectory flight, real-time image transmission and speed control. The antenna and phone...
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Aerial Drone 4K HD Video drone Photography LED Proffessional

small stature, foldable arms, and portability. Flight is stable because of the altitude hold mode option. The position of the aircraft doesn't need to be adjusted before flight when in...
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HD professional aerial photography drone 4K Video Shooting Drone

Comes with stabilized two-axis mechanical pan/tilt, rechargeable remote control, 4K wide-angle 120° adjustable camera. The plane flies autonomously according to a preset flight route, and players can focus on shooting. Toy...
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