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Plant Watering Automatic Dripping Water Spikes Taper Drip Irrigation System

Plants must also drink water, and there is nothing better than what they are designed for if you are away on business or don't want to water your flowers every...
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Plant Flower Watering Pot Spray Bottle Sprayer Planting Succulents Kettle For Garden

Irrigating plants and flowers to improve life. Press to release a fine, sparing stream of water. A lovely retro replica copper pressure bar with a simple operation.This is a cute,...
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LED Grow Light 80pcs Led 4500K Full Spectrum Clip Remote Timing Plant Growing Lamp

With 52 Red and 28 Blue LEDs, this little growth light mimics the complete spectrum of noontime sunlight and was specifically created for indoor gardens of plants. It also has...
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Window Herb Planter Box Rectangular Self Watering Indoor Garden For Kitchens

They have sizable water reservoirs and strings that hydrate your plant life automatically to keep it healthy with hands-free support. An herb garden on a windowsill. The window planter boxes...
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LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Grow Light For Indoor Plants With Adjustable Tripod

In comparison to clip grow lights and hanging grow lights, our stand light is much easier to adjust and install to meet your specific needs, providing much greater coverage for...
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120W E27 LED Grow Light Bulb Full Spectrum Veg Flower Indoor Plants Growing Lamp

Highly Economical High Effectiveness To create the greatest light possible, we use cutting-edge technology and an outstanding spectrum. All grow lights have superior heat dissipation systems and are scientifically designed...
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