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Creative Black Onyx Tiger's Eye Semi Precious Stone Bracelet Boys Handmade Jewelry

Obtain the magic you've been lacking. This collection offers jewelry that is inspired by nature, natural stone jewelry, yoga-inspired jewelry, artisan jewelry, and energy gemstone jewelry. Each item is lovingly...
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5A Grade Natural Three-color Tiger's Eye Beads Bracelet For Men Women

The stone bracelet is a striking piece of handmade jewelry that may be worn alone or with additional pieces. This is a fantastic healing bracelet that will complement your other...
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Handmade Natural Top Grade Red Tiger's Eye Bracelet Enhancing confidence and self-esteem

Red tiger's eye, like opal, has unique characteristics. Each of them emits a radiant light, like a delicate expression, more like a barrier. From different angles, tiger eyes have different...
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Stainless Steel Bracelet Cuff Bracelets Jewelry Men Unique Metal Mens Fashion

Sure to add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. Create your unique fashion statement. Whether you want to style up, style down or go completely casual, you can dictate the...
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Mcllroy 2pc Natural stone Bracelet Beaded Black Mantra Prayer Beads Buddha Bracelet

Chram Bracelets, Symbol of personality ,Make a man's image of a qualitative change. Made with 8mm Round Black Matte Agate & Striped agate and 6MM Round Black Matte Agate & Hematite....
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Natural marnau leather bracelet high quality Geometry Alloy Gift Plating Durable

This is an elegant and classic bracelet that goes with everything in between. high quality, durable, wear resistant and no easy to deform. very fashionable for you. This is a classic link...
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Original Design Crown 3-Piece Men's and Women's Bead Stainless Steel Handmade

These combined bracelets are a true work of excellent craftsmanship, creating a luxury look. The bracelet is mounted with closely set together stones in a crown that enhances their brilliance. Material:...
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Owl frosted stone lifeline wood grain bracelet jewelry Gift Lucky Alloy Stone

Simple and beautiful design is easy to integrate into daily life.can be used to provide a gift to yourself, your family, or your friends.The ideal jewelry for parties, dates, weddings, and other events Style: ExoticMaterial: wood beads alloy stone
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Seven-core umbrella rope braided U-shaped steel buckle with adjustable survival bracelet

Functional and Support Medic Identification Bracelet,Convenient Health Reminder for Patients in Daily Life,Customized Medic ID Bracelet for Emergencies,More Than a Single Piece of Jewelry, Supportive Med Alarm Caducaus Bracelet for...
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Weight Loss Black Stone Magnetic Therapy Braclet jewelery magnetic bracelets

All of the advantages of magnetic bracelets begin with bettering your circulation. Due to the iron in your blood, the magnets in the bracelet may draw more blood to the...
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Vintage Anchor Handmade Diy Woven Bracelet Stainless Steel Mens Bracelets

100% new design and high quality. Must-have for fashion women. Have a beautiful appearance. Easily adjustable rope knot on your paracord bracelet lets you wrap & fit to any man's wrist...
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Punk Retro Bracelet Bracelet Set - Love Gifts Charms Jewelry Adjustable Women Men Gift

100% new design and high quality. Must-have for fashion women. Have a beautiful appearance. This is definitely one of the must-have accessories for your daily wear, retro luminous moon and stars...
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